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Our Story

Welcome from Bryce and Nellie

Love for adventure brought us together.

2013 - Started dating. Road trips. Adventures. 1st kiss @Disneyland... 😘

2014 - Married in November


Nellie worked at a law firm. Bryce was on the founding team of an agency called "Shareability". We worked hard during the week & played harder through the weekend. A lump was found in Nellie's chest and the "what-if's" grew rampant while we waited on results. The doctors said it was likely cancer, and it was then we realized these "careers" were only a means to the adventures we desired.

How many other people are living like this?? What if we could adventure WHILE building careers?


2015 - Everything changed

We decided to create "The Jurgys" to not only document the memories for our future selves & potential children but to also inspire others to adventure with their families & friends. Every week we traveled seeking adventure and hid geocache treasures to inspire the locals to get out and explore where they live! Fast forward to today and we're still at working with like-minded brands and organizations that EXIST for the same results!

The Park

2021- We bought an RV park!

Where nature meets adventure! Nestled in the breathtaking Idaho countryside near the Tetons, our family-oriented campground offers a perfect retreat for RV and tent campers. We provide modern amenities including RV hookups, clean bathrooms, and even wifi, ensuring a comfortable stay amidst nature. Our campground hosts 3 to 4 exciting events each year, adding a touch of fun and festivity to the serene surroundings. We are passionate about creating a vibrant community of RV enthusiasts and nomads, and we invite you to be part of it. Explore the stunning landscape, discover the nearby national parks, and immerse yourself in the camaraderie of fellow campers. Come, join us at 1908 Chapel Rd, Swan Valley, ID 83449, and experience the joy of outdoor living at The Park at Swan Valley.

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