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5 of the best places to eat within 1 hour of the Park at Swan Valley

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Swan Valley is an amazing little pocket of Idaho, but with a town population of 244 people finding places to eat can be difficult. Lucky for you, we love food and have 7 amazing restaurants for you to try on your next trip out to The Park at Swan Valley!

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Located about 7 minutes from our RV park, Snake River Road House offers great burgers, salads, and sandwiches that everyone in your family will enjoy.

Located in Archer, Idaho, about 40 minutes North West lies a little Idaho Treasure, Big Jud's. Big Jud's is widely known for its huge one pound and two pound burgers which can be enjoyed alone or as a family. Burgers literally the size of dinner plates are sure to make the memory bank as you enjoy your time here in South Eastern Idaho. Don't forget to get a scoop of ice cream, it's amazing.

About 3 minutes down the road from Big Jud's is White Sparrow Country Store. This historic general store has been around for nearly 130 years! In August 2020 it became the White Sparrow Country Store and it’s the one place in Idaho that you can get your hands on Southern fried pies! Enjoy some southern pies, square ice cream, and amazing home decor that would make your evening complete.

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4. Taco Truck in Rexburg

Continuing North towards Rexburg is an amazing Taco Truck that offers amazing, authentic Mexican Food. Enjoy a Quesadilla or Huarache with outdoor seating and amazing homemade Horchata.

This truck will not disappoint, only satisfy. :)

Traveling towards Jackson Hole, the town of Driggs offers great restaurant options including a Mexican restaurant called, Agave. Your 45 minute drive to Agave offers beautiful views of South Eastern Idaho where wildlife is commonly seen.

Agave is a great restaurant for families and has food choices for everyone to enjoy. From the city of Driggs you can also enjoy a beautiful view of the Tetons from the Idaho side.

Let us know if you try any of these and what you loved most! Don't forget to follow us on Social Media and Subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive content!

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