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10 things you didn't know you needed when RV camping

Packing for an RV trip, whether that's RV park bound or boondocking can get complicated and stressful! There's a lot of blogs out there that will give you amazing tips for basic RV camping, but we aren't basic which is why our list is things that we've learned through our own RV travels.


While this might seem like a no brainer, it's one of our top suggestions to help you have safe travels as you adventure. Most emergency break downs can be solved with a quick Fuse repair so keeping them handy can resolve many tears.


For us, a dry towel makes a world of a difference. Does anyone else feel this way? These Microfiber towels are one of favorite ways to save space and stay dry as we travel. With 6 different sizes and over 10 colors, you can pick one for every member of your family so that there's no "stealing each others towels." These specific towels are great because you get a travel case too! They are easy to store and even easier to use.

3. RV toilet Paper

If you're new to the RV game, learning to use rapid-dissolving toilet paper will change the game. While rapid-dissolving isn't quite Charming, it will get the job done and ensure that your sensors work properly to let you know when your tank is full. It also greatly reduces the likelihood of clogging your RV sewer hose you empty your holding tanks at a dump station.

4. compactable Camping Chairs

We all know that you need camping chairs, but, we found these sweet compactable camping chairs from Costco that are comfy and small, which in our book is a win. With a small travel case, they are great to throw in your stroller, wagon or over your shoulder. Check your local Costco to see if they are in stock or shop these chairs here!

5. Perk Energy

One of our favorite ✨extra✨ items that made this list is our Perk Energy. Sometimes we need a little pick me up and Perk perfectly fills that void. "Whether you’re craving more recovery from a long day or simply don’t want to leave that comfy bed, sometimes you need that little kick. With Perk Energy drinks, you get a natural boost with a powerful antioxidant blend, just enough caffeine, and collagen to support healthy joints, skin, hair, and more. With no added sugar and up to nine grams of protein, Perk is the ideal alternative to coffee and sugary energy drinks. But what really gets us going are our delicious flavors."

Some of our favorite flavors are: Mexican Hot Chocolate, Chai Latte, and Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Pretzel. Because we love this so much, we have a special code for you to use to save some $$$. Use code: JURGYS

6. Tool Kit

Being prepared is one of our biggest tips to have a successful RV trip. You never know when you might need a screw driver...or when a neighbor at the park needs one!

7. ice maker

If you're looking for something completely unnessecary but totally awesome invest in a counter top ice maker. Picture this. You just got back to your RV after a 12 mile hike in 90ºF weather with your 2 kids. A cold glass of water with ice sounds amazing right?!? There are a couple different ice machine at different price points so that everyone can experience this. We found this ice machine to be highly rated and a great price.

8. s'mores roasting sticks

Honestly, nothing beats a stick from the woods next to your campfire to roast your marshmallow with but these S'mores roasting sticks come close. These roasting sticks are expandable, colorful, and rotate at the handle to give you a perfect golden glow as you roast your mallow.

9. games

Bringing games has been one of our favorite ways to meet new friends and create memories. While there are literally thousands of games to choose from, here are some of our favorites that are small and travel friendly.

10. Polaroid Camera

If you don't have a polaroid camera you're missing out. Being able to take physical photos as you travel is such a fun way to keep tangible memories as you travel. Feeling like really taking this to the next level?? Look into this polaroid printer! Instead of carrying a camera, simply connect your phone to this small printer and print any image as a Polaroid!

We hope that this list adds fun items to your list that you might not have thought about!

Did you know we own an RV park and you can come stay with us?!? Check out our sites here and don't forget to follow us on instagram for all the updates!

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