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6 Bucket List Adventures to do In The Grand Tetons

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

The Grand Tetons. What a beauty. 😍😍 located only an hour and a half away from our RV park they definitely have to be on your itinerary while you come Stay at the Park.

This year we’ve explored the Tetons in many different ways including backpacking, hiking, swimming, paddle boarding and more. Planning your trip to the Tetons can become overwhelming since there is so much to do so we picked our top 7 bucket list adventures everyone needs to do when visiting The Grand Tetons.

Some of these activities might involve an early morning and late night but we promise it will be worth it!

1. Paddle boarding at String Lake!

We LOVE paddle boarding at string lake. We have been many times this year and it takes our breath every time. Located just past Jenny Lake, String Lake is a calm smaller body of water that is great for families to play in.

We bring inflatable paddle boards making it easy to transport into the park! On a warm summer day this water is a perfect temperature and very enjoyable. Bring some beach towels, your Tommy Bahama Chair and some sunscreen and enjoy your day at the lake!

2. Hike out to inspiration point and hidden falls

This hike is one of our favorites in the park. Why is it our favorite? There’s so many ways to enjoy it! 🙌🏼 There are 3 ways to get to the falls and inspiration point. The first way is to start at the Jenny Lake Visitors Center and hike around the edge of the Lake. The second is to start at String Lake and hike past String Lake and then on the edge to the falls. The last way to reach the falls is to take a Ferry Across Jenny Lake and hike the last .5 mile to the falls.


$ 20.00 – Adult Round-trip (12 yrs to 61 yrs)

$ 12.00 – Adult One-Way

$ 12.00 – Child Round-trip (2 yrs to 11 yrs)

$ 10.00 – Child One-Way

$ 17.00 – Senior Round-trip (62 yrs and over)

No Senior One-Way rate

FREE Under 2 years of age and over 80 yrs.

The views from String Lake are our favorite because you get to see The Middle Teton as you approach the falls. During the summer there are wild raspberry bushes so keep your eyes open for red berries along the way!

This being said, there are also wild bears that like to eat the wild berries! Make sure you bring bear spray as you may encounter a bear. 🐻

3. Hurricane Pass Hike

This hike is one the hardest in Grand Teton National park with over 23 miles of hiking! 😅😅 BUT. Don’t let the distance scare you. This hike is one of our favorite because….when you summit you look directly at the Tetons from the Idaho side!

After starting at the Jenny Lake Trailhead, you can choose to either walk around the southern end of the lake or take a shuttle boat across the lake to access Cascade Canyon. (Taking the shuttle eliminates about 3 miles!) You will then head down the relatively flat canyon, and then take a left at the forks of the canyon. From there begins a 5.3 mile uphill climb, passing Schoolroom Glacier, and ending at the 10,400 ft Hurricane Pass!

While you can hike this all in one day we recommend backpacking and spreading out your trip! To camp in Grand Teton National Park you will need a permit which can be acquired in advance (we recommend this!) or the day of if you get lucky!

We've got a whole post about backpacking in the Tetons that can help you plan out your trip better. Check that out here! :)

This trail is accessible July-End of September but can have snow patches all year. Make sure to bring enough water to stay hydrated as this trail is very long and steep.

One of our favorite parts about this trail is how much water there is!

One way to save on pack space is to bring a Life Straw water bottle! You can drink right from the streams along the way.

4. E-bike the park

Grand Teton National Park is so rad. From downtown there is over 30 miles of paved trails that can take you right into the park. eBikes of Jackson Hole offers a great selection of bikes including child seats and bike attachments to make sure everyone in your party can ride comfortably. Make sure to watch your battery so that you don’t end up stranded out in the park! ;)

We explored the park on ebikes in April and we loved it! In April, the park plows the road opening for bikes, longboards, roller skates and more. While there is still some snow and the weather isn’t quite “warm”, April is a great month to explore the park on wheels.

5. Schwabacher Landing

Everyone needs an iconic photo in front of the Tetons. One of our favorite places to go is Schwabacher Landing. Located right off of I-89 it offers amazing views of the mountains. Often you will see Moose in the river making this spot even more magical. Remember, Moose are wild and need space too. Please make sure to respect the wildlife while exploring this location!

The trip to Schwabacher’s Landing is simple. If you’re coming from Jackson Hole, go north on I-89 for about 16 miles. There’s a small gravel road on your left, where you’ll see a wooden sign: “Schwabacher’s Landing Road.” This road dead-ends in a gravel parking lot, and you'll see a trail leading you down to the water.

6. Wildlife watching!

Moose brings us to our last bucket list item - Wildlife Watching! The Tetons are home to Fox, Moose, Bears, Wolves, Bison, Beavers and more. Simply drive from town towards the park on I-89 and keep your eyes open! Mornings and Evenings are some of the better times to watch for wildlife.

If you need help planning your trip out to The Grand Tetons don’t hesitate to reach out to us here At the Park at Swan Valley!

Can’t wait to see what adventures you have in our little neck of the woods!

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